Floral Presentations

Floral Presentations
Inspiring colleagues or consumers is paramount when preparing a floral demonstration. With years of experience in working in small and large groups, it is each time a challenge to present new ideas, new designs and to surprise the audience.

'Beyond Dreams' Floral demonstration for the Piedmont Garden Club,  10/26/17


'Designs with the attitude'.  Floral demonstration for the Diablo Women Garden Club,  11/4/15

‘Floral Expressions’ Contemporary floral design for the special event Holiday on a High Note, for the Foothill Auxiliary, 10/19/2015

I like to present new techniques, new tricks and materials and new designs. Here you can see my past floral demonstrations & events, my floral presentations, exhibits, shows I have done for more than 5 years.    

Fireworks of flowers and colors

When: March 21th, 2015 Where: San Francisco Flower and Garden Show, San Mateo Time: 11.15 am    

Mysterious Christmas

This floral demonstration focuses on new techniques with both floral and non-floral materials, presenting Lana’s vision of the modern floral design. Challenge your imagination with impeccable colors and shades! When: November 19th, 2014 Where: Crystal Springs United Methodist Church, San Mateo Time: 7pm  

Hot techniques and trends in Contemporary Floral Artistry for the Orinda Garden Club of America

When: November 13 Where: Orinda Country Club  

Contemporary Wedding Designs with an International Flair by SVETLANA (Lana) CHERNYAVSKY CFD, CCF,  Dream Flowers

  Lana Chernyavsky will share her creativity and skill impressing you with state-of-the-art bridal bouquets with an international style that is much more impressive than casual hand ties. Lana’s love of shapes, lines, circles, and spheres give her floral art a sense of Infinity and timelessness. She is always looking for impeccable colors and shades in her designs. This demonstration focuses on bouquets made from both floral and non-floral materials, presenting Lana’s vision of the modern floral design that combines together the beauty of natural and non-floral materials.  

Svetlana (Lana) Chernyavsky participated in Floral Show “Wedding Fleur” in Minsk, Belarus

Three masters ( Lora Belobrovik, Elena Butko and me, Svetlana Chernyavsky), three countries and three ideas demonstrated in this combined show and workshop for all our dear visitors and guests from Minsk and neighboring countries. We had prepared a big room, invitations and various “tricks” to viewers, such as a certificate of participation and lottery of three bouquets – one from the each master. And also we think,  a communication and an opportunity to see all the designs have created impressions among the brightest newcomers, and even fellow professionals. “My goal of this show was to demonstrate the minimum of materials and flowers because of their dearness. Also, I wanted to create easy and commercials designs with new ideas for the floral designers from the capital of Belarus and even regions of my home country”, Lana said.